Tedos: Our Story

Tedos was founded by a group of enthusiastic programmers in 2010. Initially, we were building e-commerce platforms for online shops but as technologies went forward our company also kept evolving starting building bespoke software solutions for other businesses. With our roots in e-commerce development, we expanded to desktop and backend software as more and more features became available. Now we belong to a top Birmingham web development companies. In 2015 Tedos celebrated 5th anniversary proving our expertise and professionalism. Our goal as a company is to grow and evolve introducing cutting-edge technologies into our everyday life. We love learning innovations, thinking outside the box, and implementing technologies increasing the efficiency of our customers.

Tedos Team

Tedos has a unique blend of skilled and experienced seniors and talented and creative juniors. We have been growing since 2010 from 12 IT experts to 100+ software engineers, frontend and backend programmers, UI and UX designers, project managers, QA experts, and business analysts. As one of the leading web development companies in the UK, we handle projects of any complexity with both client-side and server-side scripting. Our reliability and expertise make us credible business partners with a team of in-house specialists. We work with clients from all over the globe bringing to the table software that solves problems and enables new opportunities for growth and development.

Our development process

We welcome our creatively thinking customers and help them to realise their ideas with scalable and robust web software solutions. For the time we are engaged in web development industry, our team has established a process based on proven agile methodologies which helped us to deliver over a hundred of projects and keep assisting us in the successful deployment of bespoke web applications and systems. We ensure that our development is transparent and flexible enough to meet all the client’s requirements in the end.