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Despite of your company's business objectives, our team of Android app developers will carefully create powerful and innovative digital product to meet the most demanding requirements of your customers and staff.

Android App Development Services

The professional Android developers with broad experience are ready to settle software development tasks of any complexity.

  • Android app code audit
  • Custom Android development
  • Consulting, design of UI / UX, QA
  • Transferring from Android to iOS
  • Integrating Android software and existing solutions
  • Start updating Google Play, Support, Maintenance, Platform
  • Google Play market optimisation for all products manufactured by our developers

For productive work with their ideas, it was launched quickly, incorporating the Sprint and Scrum, proven cascade approach for the specifications provided properly and in an agile manner.

  • Complete the internal production cycle
  • Digital copyright
  • main10-cloud
  • main10-tablet
  • main10-folder
  • main10-bulb

Advanced Business App

Our capable Android developers will only provide the customer with the most useful and perfectly developed software for business needs. The creation of business software, advanced network management, reporting solution, the combination of comprehensive skills such as custom software development, to provide all kinds of services, you can declare that supports your business. The objective that will exist today will be tomorrow.

Skill Development Team

Our development team has an excellent experience in the development of various strategic business applications for companies. Our developers have built numerous successful projects in recent years. Therefore, our experts can be proud of the proven work pattern and the ability to use the latest concept of modern commercial software development. These programs can be based on a very specific process, but they can also include CRM along with all business systems with integrated production processes and human resources tools.

  • Our team of Android app developers is outstanding in business. We have chosen a personal background with a wide range of talented skills with a number of technology piles
  • I love both most popular mobile OS, but opening Android means allowing features that others can not do. Here are the features of the Google targeted app that we can implement to make it the most attractive and useful of its products
  • Experience in mobile app development

We consider that the development of the Android app is one of the main strengths. The developers have worked on the development of powerful native programs for the mass market mobile platform that offer attractive reviews to consumers. Our developers are experiencing almost all variations of the Android operating system.

Totally unique combination of organization and advanced start of luck, interact with the various problems of the company, encouragement, has been associated with the agency to expand the solution to the Android app. With the vision of the project, the developer turns it into life.

  • Corona, Java, Titanium
  • CSS3, HTML5, C #, C ++
  • Node.js, Ruby on Rails

Rapid Prototyping

Our team, the creation of a mobile strategy, the discovery and prioritisation of characteristics, creating a roadmap of products, such as the provision of prototype can click, cooperate fully with customers. As a result, you will get everything to buy buy-ins, attract investors and develop minimum viable products.

Framework task

  • Understand the business objectives
  • Result: reliable mobile strategy

Gather ideas

  • Generates and prioritises functions
  • Result: product definition

Achieve the objective

  • Create a visual representation to validate
  • Result: prototype of the app

Product Strategy

The development of applications for Android does not start or end the programming. There is a series of elements of change and other elements of essential tasks to achieve the original intention. Therefore, the strategy is an essential part of our development service.

The strategy is based on the definition of the scope and requirements of each business project by wireframe creation, organisation of parameters, case by case. In this stage, the developers will take advantage of the knowledge, the internal experience, the current trends and the proven strategies to define the appropriate answers for the clients. Our approach generally includes the following steps:

  • Evaluate mobile ideas and trends related to the client's industry
  • Relationship with customers to decide wishes and tasks
  • Preliminary evaluation of the hope and the requirement in consideration of the opinions of the interested parties
  • Determination of the logic of the company
  • Goal setting, advertising and marketing plan

The solution built in this stage is used to define the tasks of the development phase.


Basic Concepts of Android Development

To receive the maximum response from the target audience, it is important to communicate with them during the move. It is only possible when the mobile app is useful. The creation process can be quite expensive and slow. However, it is possible to mitigate risk through preliminary planning and correct achievement.


The remarkable strategy is to create a very simple app version with important functions that can be tested in real time. Unlike the final product, MVP (minimum valuable product) is a previous draft that to show its possibilities to end users. Such approach allows you to verify the initial concept, something that is not popularized in the market when the market opens, with a minimum cost.


Unlike MVP, MMP (Minimum market product) is a product specifically designed for the initial production of the product. The product will soon be launched with the corresponding function and the money obtained in the first stages will be used to continue financing and developing the prototype with more important things. Compared with the full Android app, the cost of MMP is also very low.

Function-Based Design

From the initial idea to the last polishing, our design is completely based on the user's functionality and comfort. Our designers create perfect designs that are not only beautiful images but also very productive tools to interact with Android apps.

The design aspects include basic aesthetic elements and UX elements of the product, such as wireframe, font, style, layout, color palette, general visual identity of the app. We will work closely with customers in all stages of the product to confirm that their needs are met.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Android evaluators perform perfect quality control on various devices in various environments. We are carrying out serious app tests throughout the development cycle, such as manual and automatic tests and visual quality control, to ensure that the product is fully functional and has a positive user experience.

    • Our approach includes the following aspects
    • Manual tests and automatic tests performed by the internal mobile tester team
  • QA Consulting

    Integration tests throughout the production cycle.

    Our way of working makes it possible to test, discover and correct errors that may occur at some point in the life cycle of the project. The development process provides transparency and promotes collaboration with customers at all stages.

  • Support

    Our company never retires after the product is launched. We will keep customers in the long term, maximize the value of the software, maximize profits, update programs along the trend of digital markets and ensure the best user experience.

    What we do to keep the applications updated:

    • Error correction
    • Analytical research
    • Release update
    • Optimization based on user review and change needs
    • User participation and retention management
  • Alternative Keyboard

    From predictors of simple text content such as Swiftkey to revolutionary things like Swype, you have many excellent keyboard options. Since typing on a small mobile keyboard is not as convenient as usual, Android offers a variety of options, so it's wonderful to make it as unlimited as possible for the user.

    When we develop software, developers always plan how to interact with the interface. Even with a small screen, you do not have to enter the message and send it.

  • Automation

    One of the most practical and useful Android applications is Tasker. This is an automation program that allows you to activate or deactivate the configuration with specific apps. There is time, place, other possible conditions. If this program does not meet all your needs, developers can create innovative programs to control the behavior of the device. With the appropriate custom program, you can access the deeper settings that are almost impossible on other platforms.


Loyal Client




App Developers

Custom Start Launcher

Android developers will undoubtedly provide a suitable solution if you need special features on the device's home screen, connect directly to business activities or access ongoing processes of the company. Gestures, direct access types or low-level configurations can accelerate the most productive business mobile phones.


Developers can create practical widgets for custom business applications if they always need something visible, such as workflow activities or the company's transportation flow. It can occupy space or cover half of the home screen. There is not a link in the creativity. Temporary list widgets that remind you of important business events and that have the necessary functions are not so useful.

Update Your App

There are many opportunities for developers to create applications that provide advanced features in Android. If you already have a mobile software that does not meet the growing needs of your company, you can accept it and recreate a new update version that meets all the requirements. Of course, it is not as easy as it seems, sometimes it is necessary to rewrite the complete code, which sometimes costs. Therefore, we always recommend that customers consider custom applications that were developed from scratch. Anyway, there is nothing impossible for the developers.

The Experienced Team of Developers

We are building a perfect Android app with advanced features, superior design and an attractive user experience. We have a long history in the creation of mobile applications for Android and other mobile platforms.

Are you looking for a professional developer? Develop high-quality applications and increase your business value. Share ideas with experts and use world-class software solutions to help your company become a leader in the market.