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We are the best IT company that consists of professional iOS app developers with advanced technology understanding, designers, programmers, and other experts who are in charge of projects in dozens of scientific fields for decades.

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How to be a Professional iOS App Developer

When we talk about a creative team qualified as an expert in iOS, we refer to all kinds of skills and characteristics of experts.

If you are asking how to become a professional iOS app developer, you are ready to reveal the path to this profession that the members of our team have successfully achieved.

Crafts of Software Development

There are many phrases that explain how to build software. The best developers like to call the craft of software development. Each iOS app specialist will learn how to build software, test methods, debugging methods, attractive interfaces, efficient use of networks, how to use source control:

  • Objective-C senior / expert, C / C ++ master, Python and other scripting languages.
  • Developers must understand the development skills of% 90 UX and% 10 with the development of iOS apps.
  • Consider the creative and up-to-date iOS trends and requirements.

How to Use Source Control

Source control is an important part of the software's craftsmanship and it is worth mentioning separately. When developers work in teams, you must understand how to use source control. Create a control point, return to the code base of the previous version, and explain why you perform the specified substitution. It is important to know how to use programs like git. To do this, the programmer must master:

  • How to initialize the repository
  • How to clone the repository
  • Dedication and how to push to a remote place
  • How to extract changes and merge them remotely
  • How to test the status of a nearby repository
  • How to create and merge branches
  • How to create labels (you must do this every time it is sent to the app store)

These are basic, but as a prerequisite for programming, there is more that specialists can do with such programs.

Swift and Objective C

All iOS professional programmers need to learn Swift and the Objective-C programming language. The syntax and offers of the Foundation framework (object, data type, collection, networks, JSON). Understand basic ideas oriented to objects, such as what is an object, what kind it is, what to write a method.

Learn iOS

Knowledge of the structure of iOS is essential for professional developers. This means that all specialists are familiar with the following methods.

  • Create a view (storyboard, xibs, per program)
  • It can respond to user interaction through numerous controls (buttons, switches, sliders, etc.).
  • Show statistics in table view
  • Screen signal
  • Manage navigation and migration between points of view
  • Show snapshot view, tag and text content
  • Analyze JSON in combination with REST API

Make an App

We constantly ask the developers about the project portfolio, we confirm that they really knew the craft, and not only the idea of ​​the programming language and the iOS platform, but all the members of the team already do everything possible, We are preparing ourselves for new chores.

Launch the app on the App Store

IOS developers have a clear understanding of how to start apps and Apple's moderation policy. Senior developers are responsible for launching the app, but all specialists can immediately log in to iTunes Connect and process metadata updates, update versions or a variety of things. Each member of the development team can build and optimize the product for the App Store and carry out everything possible to be successful.

  • Complete the work at the appropriate time
  • Please, carry out the project within your budget
  • Reach business objectives and increase profits

What Makes it the Perfect iOS Developer?

Special skills are required for iOS development. A special method is required according to the programming capacity. These are specific to iOS and the Cocoa Touch framework. In addition to these, developers must understand the object-oriented principles, how to use source control, at least the master, which is the programming language of iOS. Swift or Objective-C.

Our developer is a superior expert cable to create apps for iOS from scratch:

  • It has a user interface with tags, images, text perspectives, buttons, selectors and several controls defined programmatically in xib, code or storyboard.
  • Use the automatic design to ensure that the position is displayed in the size and orientation of the different display screens.
  • Manage human interactions using buttons, switches, sliders, selectors, table views and various controls.
  • Multiple types of navigation with tab bar controller, navigation controller and web page view controller, and mixtures thereof.
  • It shows a modal view that the user can reject.
  • It shows alerts and action sheets and entry processes for them.
  • Accept the user's input from a textual point of view.
  • Exit the keyboard programmatically as necessary.
  • There are scrollable views that can be easily moved, a scrollable view that scrolls one web page at a time, and a combination of both.
  • Create an asynchronous community request to send and receive data from the REST API.
  • Use custom model objects that make up the basic elements of the app.
  • We analyze JSON and deserialize it into a model gadget.
  • Get Professional Advice

    • User interface guidelines and an impressive user interface.
    • When elimination controls, and it makes sense to apply them.
    • How to use the debugger in Xcode to track problems.
    • UI view Controller lifecycle: when can I refer to it and what can it be used for?.
    • App lifecycle, development method, waterfall and agile approach, app store optimization and maintenance after startup.

    Other articles in the digital world.

  • Reason Why our Developers are Better

    We have many of the most talented programmers in the world. We evaluate our talents carefully and hire only the best. The diploma and certification are more faithful, but one of the critical criteria for the selection of employees is to test their skills.

    Potential clients receive additional education under the control of power until they achieve independence and achieve perfect results. The training phase can make efforts and assets. As we care about the quality of the work, it is important that each staff member understands the details of the industry. That is the reason to invest in experts. Our rigid selection and training team is an experienced programmer when the job can provide exactly what you need and when the time limit is expected to be sacred to us.

    During the year of effective work, the company team has created clues to make the development process the most productive.

    • Self-taught stable state.
    • Complete teamwork and communication with the client.

    Exchange of dynamic questions and important information.

  • Relationship with Customers

    Our service has a trial period by which you can leave for any reason without being subject to fines. All team members struggle to perfect both technical and customer service. Part of the success is in making the customer happy. There are several very enthusiastic employers that they hire over the years using the services of the app developer, many of whom are partners for the rest. Feedback is important to us. We will provide one of the main resources to improve what we do.

    Most new customers are satisfied with the results of our company, so they will become regular customers. Many customers want to turn products made by professional teams into money, most of which have been successful and have increased their profits. We are proud to state that we have never experienced a type of legal problem with customers. We reserve the right to suspend any employer-employer relationship if there is reasonable doubt that our internal policy is reliable and seems to deviate from the legal / ethical limit.

    Our company intermediates the employment between iOS clients and professional developers and obliges them to respect the rules of money trading transactions. We have a fundamental belief that each party should consider others with justice and respect. We provide the best service to our client, but at the same time, we observe the amount of human resources work, analyze it and respond.

  • Why is it Necessary for You?

    If you cooperate with our iOS developer and long-term employment, there are great benefits. First, the staff is ready at any time, so you do not have to worry about the availability of the programmer. With us we are not worried about profits, stock options, vacation time, hiring time, unemployment and documents. We care about everything, depending on the level of your understanding, you can decide how much you want to participate in things and general preferences. You can join the decision completely or give general ideas and reach the developers and developers of iOS apps.

    For our experience in app development.

    • UX / UI digital design
    • Icon / logo / illustration / template design
    • E-commerce websites
    • Business consulting, etc.

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