Have a look at our recent web software projects

Customer service

A CRM system for a big company with over 1300 employees.

Our customer approached us with a clear task to develop a CRM system based on MS Dynamics. One of the biggest challenges was a limited time as client needed the system as soon as possible. Our team of developers helped to deploy CRM and smoothly integrate it into the company workflow meeting the timeframes. The project included Customer service management, orders and sales lifecycle monitoring, data migration and reporting functionality.


A multichannel inventory and order management system.

In collaboration with a SaaS-based software provider, our team has developed an inventory management software for sellers to manage multiple channels with a single program. A custom centralised inventory software automatically import products, sales orders, and customers from different channels embracing a broad picture. The software let multichannel sellers eliminate everyday hassle and streamlines inventory and shipping processes. Besides, the program lets sellers manage the dropshipping process and procurement operations from one interface.

Secure Data Store

A software solution for secure data storage, sharing and management.

Our customer asked us to develop a software solution that could let his employees download, share, sync and manage corporate files in a safe and secure manner. Our task was to build a highly invulnerable solution for secure access to the business-critical files. We built a streamlined experience for users and integrated advanced search system customised to the customer company needs so that users could quickly and effortlessly navigate through thousands of corporate files.


A helpful web application for seamless project management

One of our projects was dedicated to the creation of web application which supports work process generating, updating, exporting, and controlling staff schedules providing real-time business indicators in a visually rich format. The program also lets users create dependencies, link actions, and host web links. The app divides users into four main groups according to their roles: Owner, Editor, Collaborator, Viewer. The set of available features depends on the user role providing full access to the project for the owner and limiting viewer capabilities. We made the program intuitive, simple to use, and available from any device.

Data Analyser

A software solution that analyses sales data to increase margin and revenue.

The idea of this web application is to collect and analyse the data from the sales representative and market creating a forecast of the potential prospects based on the sales opportunities. The efficiency of this big-data software lets to achieve sales and earnings growth in a timely manner. The program was developed so that it could use all the available data from CRM, billing system, social media, and other sources which provide data about the prospects. Sales priorities can be tailored with additional strategic initiatives creating a prospect-level sales approach based on priorities, product, price, channel choice, and other aspects. This program has become an efficient tool in developing sales strategies.


A monitoring a controlling application for the electronic devices.

Our client, a provider of electronic devices, wanted to bring innovations in his products improving customer experience. He approached our company to build an application that could transmit control information to a desktop software via USB. We used RMS Server to let the application to send the information over the cloud. The software remotely diagnoses the issue and fix them with over one hundred commands that can be sent to the electronic device from the PC app. The application resulted in an opportunity to connect the customer’s devices via Wi-Fi to the cloud letting users remotely operate with them.