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Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.We offer state-of-the-art software products to start-up companies, small businesses, large corporations and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Our development team is comprised of more than 150 talented IT software developers who specialize in finding balance between advanced technology, excellent user experience and graceful design.

Valuable software

Stryder's efficient development process is destined to create efficient software products that remain within budget and time frame. We offer complete digital development services, including custom software design, local mobile applications and website development, as well as business consulting, marketing campaigns, search optimization and more. Over the years, in the IT sphere, we have built an expertise in digital technology and deeply understood the agency's needs, client habits and market tendencies, and the best way to promote the development of technology and software.

Software company: custom app design

If you are trying to discover a reputable team of developers, put your creative ideas into use and you do not have to go any further because you find the right team - we know how to improve your company and create a strong online storefront of your brand. targeting your audience. Stryder Software Developers is an experienced IT outsourcing team that prepares a variety of advanced customization software designs and customizes app creation based on the specification of your software requirements or from scratch.

custom services

  • Customize application development from scratch
  • Customization and integration of software
  • Traditional system optimization and modernization
  • Software support, ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • Project Redemption
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Areas of Expertise

Enterprise applications Create Stryder Experienced developers can handle any size and complexity of the project at any time, be it a manual site or a well-developed corporate portal. We have deep knowledge in a variety of business areas, including online trade, resource planning, purchasing management, customer relationships and other areas, enabling us to find solutions that best meet your current requirements and remain viable for long periods of time. Advanced Web Solutions Web developers build web-based, resource-based applications, sites, consumer-oriented platforms and portals. Even more, our developers offer a SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, including engineering, post-launch support and implementation.

Developers for local mobile devices. Our web design company can help you connect with customers, promote and launch winning marketing campaigns using the most advanced mobile platforms (like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.). We can help you mobilize your employees through the enterprise system, attract customers through first-class applications, and design mobile platforms to run your firm anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing productivity.

Experience and flexibility

We have a team of experienced developers, designers and analysts and state-of-the-art equipment that enables to ensure the efficiency of the software we build to ensure overall process transparency and minimise risks. We rely on qualified application developers, we develop processes, effective tools and best practices to ensure the first-class quality and security of our extensive digital services. In addition, we can address any scope and complexity of the project, from the brochure site and the basic small applications to the minimum viable products (MVP) of start-ups and thin software systems for large companies.

About the Stryder Team

Our target is to drive your enterprise to success because the only thing you have achieved is to prove Stryder's reputation as a leading software designers and developers. We can have a broad range of technical capabilities, interprofessional experience and focus on the quality digital products and services. Our extensive team of more than 150 designers, developers, analysts, testers, architects, project managers and support experts can effectively address any complexity of the project.

Long-term cooperation with customers

Since the inception of Stryder Software Developers, we have developed first-class applications, maintaining close interact with our clients so they can understand the process and are committed to building long-term partnerships and bringing mutually beneficial results. That is why we reach loyal customers that whenever we need to build a premium web product and bring your company to a higher level, we will come back to us. Our industry-leading expertise has been notised by many international, renowned brands, developers who regularly use Stryder's services and review our work.

Effective solutions and interprofessional experience

The efficiency of our software comes from an deep understanding of the innovative technology and the expectations of your targeted audience. The complex systems and e-commerce platform to form an enterprise strategy planning and business intelligence, we strive to create easy-to-use procedures, regardless of complexity, from the beginning or continue to continue the project to complete the company in the shortest possible time Target. E-commerce. The full range of online B2B and B2C solutions is beneficial to companies, customers, partners and employees.

Systems and intranets. We improve the efficiency of our workflow by automating management processes and integrating different features into a single system. Advanced workflow management solution. Easily manage your documents - Our innovative CMS embodies documentation management, updates on statuses, advanced search, file sharing, and more.

Enterprise resource planning and management. Our feature rich applications let you manage your financial situation, track employee productivity, manage equipment, and shop and maintain.

B2B and B2C Applications

Content management system. Integrate different tools and fonts into a single system to store all data systematically and accurately. IT uses advanced business intelligence solutions to streamline reporting, organize analytics, manage performance, and easily search and compare data. Customer relationship management system. Improve efficiency - from marketing campaigns to accounting, order management and payment processing.


Outstanding technical and historical experience

We will never stop perfecting our technical abilities and conquering new IT horizons to improve your business and drive your goals. Web developers are not just software vendors, but trusted partners. Since 2010, web developers have received advanced and safe technical knowledge and combined our ability to satisfy the needs of your company through the most effective solution. Our web developers focus on emerging trendings and integrate into the most challenging products to ensure promptness, effectiveness, performance, interoperability and a good user experience.

We care about communication with the customer

We guide clients through the world of development from the initial idea to the programming, design and deployment of software. At the same time, we closely collaborate with you to ensure that developers receive your feedback to meet your desires and resolve your concerns. We are proud of our extesive and rich experience and experience but we understand perfectly that you can not get the best results if you do not need to understand your needs and work closely with your customers.

We use

  • The .Net
  • PHP
  • Java
  • C ++
  • Ruby
  • for iOS
  • Android
  • Window
  • Cross platform
  • Old Software
  • Move web pages

How do we build the team?

  • Select a developer with the qualifications and background
  • Build knowledge and share professional knowledge
  • Select the appropriate method and adjust the process
  • Optimize team performance
  • Set up a core team
  • Organizational Infrastructure
  • Discuss projects and requirements
  • Identify, implement processes
  • Expanding the team or reducing the need according to the project
  • If necessary, engage with industry-specific developers or the technical field.
  • Integrate with your internal team

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Step 3:

Proposal. Then we send a formal proposal, you will take the time to decide - to employ our team or continue to look for developers.

The specialised development team knows what you need

We believe in transparent development, flexibility and effectiveness. Extend your app development product to our software designers and developers to ensure a high quality digital products meets your company's requirements and goals. Partnership with our talented development team is your limit to innovation, advanced technology, best methods of software creation, security, and development.