Web Application Development Services

At our digital company web application development services are among our favourite areas. What helps us tackle the projects of all size and complexity with ease is our talented and experienced specialists, team collaboration and internal development process proven by time. Our experts assign a skilful project manager to each project to ensure that the team has a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, that the client is informed about our progress and that the end product meets even the highest expectations.

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How App Developers Work

You can be sure that each project is developed by an enthusiastic team of experts: UI and UX designers, HTML specialists, backend and frontend developers, quality assurance managers, testers, deployment experts and other qualified specialists. Not only do we develop first-class applications, but also contribute to the success of your business, translating our vast experience into your products.

Our Web Application Development Services

  • Business research and analysis. We take time to get an in-depth understanding of your business to come up with adequate application requirements that will benefit your company and fit into your processes. Our specilists identify the features that will be implemented within the application on the basis of the expected ROI (return on investment), analysis of the competitors and your business goals on a wider scale.
  • Wireframing and user experience. The user stands at the center of our app design process, that is why the designers create user stories and analyse your target audience to ensure that your customers have a great experience using your app. The Agile methodology enables us to deliver you the initial wireframe within days rather than weeks.
  • PHP web development service. We are proficient in all the leading PHP tools and technologies including JavaScript, MySQL, Apache, Ngnix, MariaDB, HTML, CSS, OOP, MVC, JSON, XML, Laravel, Symphony, etc. Our company never stops improving and learns new development technologies every day. Our developers know the most popular PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel and others.
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.NET development service

Here at our software development service company, we have practiced .NET development services since the day the company was established. Our company has delivered bespoke digital solutions for businesses across various industries including banking, payment, retail, auctions; our developers have built complex corporate systems and websites for the hotel industry, accounting systems for the financial organisations and content management platforms for major mass media. Our web developers and designers are proficient in a great amount of .NET technologies: C#, Visual Basic .NET, F#, C++ .NET, ASP.NET MVC 1-6, ASP.NET Web Api, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET Web Api, Castle Windsor Container, Unity, Structure Map, Ninject, AutoFac. Moreover, we can integrate your application with anything you want,from e-commerce tools to high-tech hardware.

The agile approach and Usability

We find the agile approach to software development services the most efficient. It help us to create complex apps, solve issues, introduce changes to the applicaiton and deliver working products within the shortest periods of time.

Our designers strive to create intuitive and user-friendly apps. Our experts apply A/B testing and other tools to track which elements attract users and make them spend more time within your app, and which elements drive them away - this helps us generate more traffic and increase conversion rates of your app.

Security and Customisation

Our digital agency guarantees you that your valuable data is 100% secure with us. We use strict security protocols and development service standards to protect your online solutions from data leaks, hacker attacks and other risks of the world wide web.

We design flexible software solutions using caching, NoSQL databases and cloud services to ensure that your products can handle increasing workloads. Our team has a solid background in building elaborate enterprise systems that are fast, scalable and multi-functional. This sounds unbelievable even to us, but we have actually created apps that can handle more than 100,000 concurrent tasks.

Rigorous testing

Each software product we create passes through many stages of testing - first it is tested by the developers who also review the code, testing units and integration of every module along the way. Then the quality assurance team takes on the task, conducting cross-browser tests. Then the project manager proceeds to user acceptance testing, during which actual users try out the app to make sure that it performs required tasks.

Maintenance and support.

Our agency never withdraws after we have delivered a product that works. Our experts want to make sure that not only does it work, but brings value, therefore the developers monitor the performance of the app and consult you on mobile marketing strategies that can help you make the app visible to a larger audience.


Content Management Systems
Our experts design feature-rich content management systems that allow you to easily deal with lots of content generated by your company every single day - articles, videos, infographics, images, audio files and the like. You will find it so much easier to have all the content in one place - inside the CMS that our experts will design taking into account the specific needs of your company. We focus on the following solutions:
  • Corporate content management platforms
  • Document flow management service
  • Secure search tools for enterprises
  • Web-based front-end solutions with multiple advanced features and services
  • CMS integration services

The Strengths of Our Web App Developers

Why choose us from hundreds of application development firms? Because we:
  • Focus on your business
  • Deliver solutions for enterprises of all size across all industries
  • Have expertise in the latest technologies and tools
  • Are proficient in various mobile app development frameworks
  • Integrate your bespoke web apps with existing internal websites and software or external resource like e-commerce platforms, Salesforce and others

Web Solutions

The range of our web application development services and expertise encompassed various industries, technologies and activities:
  • Data dissemination and knowledge management;
  • Order management solutions and sales tools;
  • Data analysis and regular reporting;
  • Online marketing consulting and customer relationship management systems;
  • Corporate extranet and intranet;
  • Content management systems and data storage;
  • Help desk platforms;
  • Interactive training and certification systems, educational apps.

What We Do

Some of the web app design projects we have delivered are:
  • Mobile computing services for Android and iOS
  • Accounting systems
  • Enterprise software suites
  • Graphic apps
  • Games
  • Marketing platforms
  • The Advantages of Web Apps

    Compared to other digital solutions, web-based applications are prefered by many businesses die to their numerous benefits:
    • A web-based application, as opposed to a desktop or mobile app, is available to a huge audience of internet users without installation - all you need to access a web-based app is a web browser and an Internet connection
    • It is much easier to update a web-based app than a desktop program. The only thing that needs some modification during the web app update process is the server it runs on. On the other hand, desktop app updates can be quite challenging: first, you need to design a patch, then test it and finally release it, making sure that all the users downloaded and installed the update.
    • Web based app is in many ways similar to a conventional website, so it has great opportunities to generate a lot of traffic and return visits. As opposed to a brochure website that most users visit only once to get a necessary info and forget all about it, a web-based app can have a rich functionality that helps people accomplish different tasks, thus prompting them to return again and again.

Loyal Customers


Web Applications


Web and Mobile App Creators

Web-Based Apps vs Desktop Application

As we have already mentioned, the primary advantage of web-based apps is their availability to anyone with an access to the Internet either from a smartphone, a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet running on any operating system. Not only did has world wide web revolutionised the way you do shopping, but it has also introduce many new ways in which er interact with devices. In the modern era of mobile internet, smartphones and all-round Wi-Fi hotspots, it makes a perfect sense to design a solution that makes your business visible to the largest audience of internet users - you will not have to spend time packaging and distributing the software that later has to be either purchased on drives or downloaded and installed, because your customers now can access your web-based app, simply entering the address in their browser bar.

Website Audit

Do you already have a web platform for your business? We can review it and give you recommendations on how to improve it to increase conversion and generate more traffic on the basis of a thorough examination of your website's or app’s search engine optimisation, usability, analytical reports and the experience your visitors get using your online solution. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive report on your website's performance and a strategy for further optimisation, which our team will be happy to help you with. If you need a professional advice on any IT topic, just talk to us - we are friendly and cheerful guys who will answer any of your questions in great detail and in plain English. Do not worry if you are not knowledgeable in the web technologies, our team will help you navigate through the digital world and find the solutions that perfectly fits into your business.